04 Jan

Before you attempt self-hypnosis for the first time it is useful to have told somebody else in the nearby vicinity what you are doing.  Reaching a hypnotic state is a little like sleeping and you may be more comfortable telling somebody else that you are going for a nap.  By telling somebody else, you are not likely to be disturbed or worried that you may be disturbed.  Part of the point of self-hypnosis is that you will become less aware of your immediate surroundings – like when you sleep – so if there was an emergency then somebody nearby will be able to ‘wake’ you.


  1. To start the process you need to feel physically relaxed and comfortable.  Try using a basic relaxation technique such as focusing your attention on your breathing.

  2. Find an object that you can focus your vision and attention on – ideally this object will involve you looking slightly upwards on the wall or ceiling in front of you.

  3. Clear your mind of all thoughts and just focus on your object.  This is obviously quite hard to achieve but take your time to let thoughts leave you.

  4. Become aware of your eyes, think about your eyelids becoming heavy and slowly closing.  Focus on your breathing as your eyes close, breathe deeply and evenly.

  5. Tell yourself that you will relax more every time you breathe out.  Slow your breathing and let yourself relax deeper and deeper with every breath.      


 Use your mind’s eye to visualize a gentle up and down or sideways movement of an object.  Perhaps the hand of a metronome or a pendulum – anything that has a regular, slow and steady swing.  Watch the item sway backwards and forwards or up and down in your mind’s eye.


Softly, slowly and monotonously count down from ten in your head, saying I am relaxing after each number.  ’10 I am relaxing’…  ‘9 I am relaxing’ etc.


Believe and remind yourself that when you finish counting down you will have reached your hypnotic state.


When you have reached your hypnotic state it is time to focus on the personal statements that you prepared.  Focus on each statement – visualize it in your mind’s eye, repeat it in your thoughts.  Stay relaxed and focused.


Relax and clear your mind once more before bringing yourself out of your hypnotic state.


 Slowly but increasingly energetically count up to 10.  Reverse the process you used before when you counted down into your hypnotic state.  Use some positive message between each number, as you count.  ‘1, when I awake I will feel like I have had a full night’s sleep’ … etc.


When you reach 10 you will feel fully awake and revived!  Slowly let your conscious mind catch up with the events of the day and continue feeling refreshed.

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